Fine Art – Found Items


first carousel project: fine art – found item

while searching Camden for interesting bits and pieces  I took most notice in the broken chunks of bark beneath the trees, as well as dead flowers be below plant pots. I also found a couple of dusgurded recipes, an old strawberry crate and some large glass jugs. Using ink and pencil to create interesting lines and textures I traced the bark onto tracing paper . I also tried making marks directly into the bark but this did not work as well due to the barks muddy surface. I was focussing on the idea of a fragmented and when I got home on the night of the first day of this project I found a pile of broken bathroom tiles ready to be thrown away. The following day using abandoned nail polish I drew the tree bark onto the tiles, while also adding tape and the dead flowers that i pressed over night.  


The idea of smashing the tile came later in the last day of the short project, as it is a way of further fragmenting the already separated tiles. I painted onto one tile using the nail polish and then wrapped it in tissue before using a hammer to shatter it from the centre point. 

This kind of activity is completely unlike me as I’m usually so precious  about what I create. It wasn’t that I didn’t like what I’d done and so wanted to break it, it was more the thought that I would further the  idea by destroying it. 

I’ve always struggled with understanding what exactly fine art is but and even though I realise this project doesn’t define it, I enjoyed it a lot more than I  thought I would. 


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