1 minute film

By no choice of my own, the slightest twitch in someones mouth or tilt of their head will have me questioning their thoughts of me standing in front of them. Simple body language often means nothing but just as often can have meaning, such as the biting of nails suggesting nerves. Because of this, I based my short film on the way in which people communicate with us.

Each clip is less that a couple of seconds long and many clips are repeated due to the speed in which we make assumptions and the repetition of small habits i.e. ruffling hair. I chose black and white for visual consistency as I filmed each clip in a different space which resulted in different colours and lightings that I didn’t want to put side by side. The central positioning of the figures was inspired by my need for central composition as well as Wes Anderson. The symmetry in his films is always central, while the focal points surroundings change. As well as having meaning to my idea, the shortness of clips was also inspired by the films Amelie and Rocky Horror Picture show, both of which I referenced in my previous post. The people I chose to capture are all people I’ve met in the last few weeks of starting this course, which resinates with the concept and fear of first impressions and assumptions.

This was my first ever film and first time even attempting to edit video footage and I can happily say I’m proud of what I created. I love photography and until now had never considered venturing into film but since the lesson I’ve been filming just as much as I’ve been photographing.


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