Monday: Hats

In groups we were  given an animal which we then had to study. We were given the BumbleBee and were asked to produce drawings based on its distinct features.

From these drawings we developed ideas from which we would then design a hat.

we played with the materials given to us (tissue paper, cartridge paper, paper straws and tape) trying to create some of the shapes and textures we’d drawn. 

we were then given two hours to bring to life our favourite designs. Since we worked as a group, we combined a couple of our ideas and then each worked on a different element.

Our final design combined elements of a bee hive, honey comb and wings.  It was  nice to work as a team on such a fast limiting project as it meant we could bounce ideas off each other and receive quick, honest feedback. 3D design is not my preferred area but working along side friends made it more bearable as I was not pressured to produce a 3D outcome on my own, but a joint effort 


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