Our context is built up of our experiences as human beings and how we react to them. My context as a young white female artist in London would be completely different to every other artist, even another young white female artists in London. The art we create can reflect our contexts, maybe obviously or maybe very subtly but we are inspired and motivated by our surroundings and can be challenged by our creative sides.

I’ve found that through the compulsory education system that is provided to us we are taught to be excited for future lives as doctors and businessmen. The public speaker arrives with endless opportunities to benefit our chances in pursing these ‘dreams’, while those hoping to one day be artists sit quietly. I was born into a family not of artists, but of people who appreciate art. My efforts have always been praised and encouraged by everyone in my life which has resulted in me sitting here today writing an essay for the beginning of my hopefully artists career.

Jean-Michael Basquait spent a lot of his life without the sort of home care I’m so grateful to have. When kicked out of his home for dropping out of high school he switched between living on the streets and in friends houses. Encouraged by his mother to be creative from a young age Basquait made a living from selling homemade postcards and t-shirts. Once finally discovered his context changed, he was now receiving a lot of attention from the art world, which was unheard of for a black man living in America. In a field dominated by white men he managed to have his art stand out with its unique style. The graffiti he crafted on the walls of Brooklyn was suddenly considered valuable art rather than vandalism and paintings which he’d sell for less than ten dollars were going for thousands. Since his context changed, It may be considered that his art changed once he gained the approval of the public eye, as he was then making art for them, rather than for himself.

Although I am technically creating art in order to pass a course, the art we make is encouraged to be to our liking and to our own style. We now live in a generation where electronics such as computers and mobile phones are moulded into our day-to-day lives, however the young artistic community of today grew up where they were still rare. Not having electronics until my preteen years pushed me to be creative while discovering the internet to it’s full capacity in my early teens resulted in a sudden rush of inspiration. I was open to the world of blogs and social networks where creative girls like me were adored by each other for dressing differently and making art, a world that didn’t exist at school. I proceeded to grow up not relying on the Internet but using it as a source of motivation.


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