blind/block colour/shapes 

I find blind drawing really therapeutic as I don’t feel any sort of pressure for the outcome to be praised. Through staring at the still life so intently you loose the sense of needing the  drawing to be accurate and so your hand takes the pen where it guesses the objects might be, but with no sense of fear. Each drawing happens fairly fast I find as I tend to steer towards continuous line and each drawing just barely represents what it was I was focusing on and yet I never dislike the drawings as much as self portraits that doesn’t look like me.

Blocking out colours was really fun too but I feel like I should have worked more with the colour and less with lines – more like the pumpkin patterns (left) and less like the tangerine (right). Even in using lines I still like the outcomes it makes you notice each item as an individual thing rather than as the grouped still life, and so I draw it differently.

The two styles we looked at for inspiration in this class were Cubism and Potilism. Neither of these movements are particular favourites of mine and so I tried to give them a twist. In working with Potilism I went for small lines rather than dots, these lines became messier in parts of extreme colour and more spread out and lonely for smoother textures. For Cubism I combined the more typical geometric shapes with messier lines and squiggles that don’t always connect. In adjusting how I approached being inspired by the movements I enjoyed what I did and intend to work in similar styles again.


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