Inspiration: Henri Matisse

I’ve always admired the Fauvist movement for their vibrant mismatched colours, but amongst all participating artists Matisse has always stood out of me. It’s his simpler works and later cut outs that inspire me most. The way he captures the curves of the female figure with such simple shapes, his bright, happy coloured cactus leaves and the bold black lines he draws faces with.


Before I started to enjoy painting it was the Fauvist movement that made me realise that shading a face with blues and bright pinks was acceptable, and that accurate proportions don’t make or break a piece of work. It’s paintings like the one above of little red people on a sea of blue that inspire me to create art exactly how I want to.

It’s not only his artwork that makes me so happy but also his passion for the work he created. I once read somewhere that his cut outs began when he wasn’t well enough to stand and paint for long periods of time and so would sit and cut out his shapes, which his helpers would then arrange to his liking. Despite the fact that I find well renowned artists having others produce their work very uninspiring, in Matisses’s case he was simply continuing to fuel his love for creating art.


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