photoshop is one of those things that I say I ‘can’t do’, I’ve never been taught properly but can never seem to do anything right when using it. After today I’ve realised that it’s probably because I haven’t ever been taught it slowly, with the emphasis on learning buttons that are useful to me – rather than jumping in at the deep end.

The task was to ‘play’ with what we knew, using photo and text. Because the nature of the task was so relaxed, with no set goal to achieve and no pressure of producing a great outcome (like blind drawing), I actually had a lot of fun. I only used two tools but both were new to me and so I aimlessly experimented with my drawings, shapes and colours.

my name cropped from my abstract fruit stand drawings.

since I enjoyed printing so much I decided to layer my prints with drawings – both of leaves. I want to layer more of my actual prints but layering digitally and editing the transparency could be fun too..


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