Thoughtless Creation

Today I wanted to use all the materials I have enjoyed experimenting with over the past few weeks to create one large piece. When I thought too much about the specifics of the brief-like how it has to link to gentrification-my mind went blank, so I made myself work from the images (drawings and photos) that I already have without thinking too much.

My outcome turned out to be a mass of pink and blue leaves of all shapes and sizes, and the more I worked on it the more I discovered its meaning. Within the mess of ink, crayon, pencil and water colours I placed a crab apple branch (the one I purchased at Collumbia Road Flower Market) and on the crab apples I drew faces. These small heads amongst the leaves are meant to represent the sales businesses domination over London Markets, and how it’s reducing the diversity in people who now visit.

As much as I love my outcome I do feel like it captures more my essence than that of the a market. The pinks and blues should be swapped for more greens and oranges, and the heads should be made more obvious. Although I won’t be using this for the magazine image, I’m glad I made myself clear my mind – Listening to Elvis to avoid thinking about the US elections was also a good way to produce a piece of pressure-free artwork that I will now develop into a more useable piece.


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