I mentally scrapped some of the things I did after producing the messy pink/green plant pieces. I want to go back and address this idea in a different way. First time round I was focussing mainly on what is consumed at markets nowadays rather then the consumer, but I want to change this. In drawing heaps of plants and a few heads, the vision of the busy market is lost, so I decided to flip the ratio. 

I created some continuous line drawings that to me represent the busy market environment, I then contemplated how to add the imagery for gentrification.

I decided to draw in some items that are bought at markets for high prices. 

I like this idea and I realised it strings into a part of my initial market research where I tallied the number of purchased £3 juices I could see in Borough market.

Whether or not the drawings scream market I’m not sure but they do illustrate large groups of people which I feel is a revelry link to markets. 


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