Final Piece: Markets

After many sheets of paper and most of the ink from my metallic green pen I settled on my final piece.

By using one continuous line I created a crowd of faces resemblant of those packed into a market, the line connecting them through closeness. The imagery derived from my shambolic multi-medium plant drawings as I turned the plants into people, it felt fitting to keep the green colour. After making this decision I started associating the green with money as well, subtly getting at the gentrification of London Markets.

More obviously approaching the topic of gentrification, I repeated small illustrations of coffee cups – a produce thats becoming increasingly popular and increasingly dearer in the market environment. I chose coffee over anything else as I was having a discussion with a friend about how the shell of most markets now is over priced coffee shops. The coffee cups would have otherwise been bouquets of flowers or cups of juice, that I counted at Borough Market.

I chose to use my image as a stand alone piece, that would sit alongside the block of text. This might be due to my dislike for combining my drawings with text, although I do realise looking at it now that it would have been so easy to extend the starting point across the fold in the magazine and onto the par with text.


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