(REDESIGN) Book Cover: Donna Tartt

In having to think of a series of 3 books to create new covers for, the first set that comes to mind is Donna Tartt’s books. ‘The Secret History’ (1992) was Tartt’s first book and is quite possibly my favourite book ever. After reading it at the age of 15 I quickly searched for more of her works, only finding one other ‘The Little Friend’ (2002) and it wasn’t until 2013 that she released her third and currently last book ‘The Goldfinch’.

Each book could be considered a thriller possibly, but I’d explain her books as being fantastically descriptive. I have the tendency to form emotionally attachments of book characters anyway but Tartt’s way of introducing and writing about each of her characters is fascinating; I could talk about Francoise from The Secret History as though he were my best friend.

I think I’ve read The Secret History twice and have leant it to about eight people including my parents, grandparents, best friends and friends of friends. My beloved copy is worn and torn and faded but the silver of the typography and gold of the central emblem still have a certain glow to them.  When I was first given the book I thought it was going to be a type of documentary about some sort of secret royal family mishap partially because of the name but also the font.

The Little Friend was my least favourite of the three, so much so that I never finished it. The design is the same as her first novel except with the repeated silver rather than gold for the image.

The Goldfinch is possibly my second favourite book (EVER). It’s the only one of the three that doesn’t have the same design, I did not like the cover and so removed it leaving the black canvas to become tatty and for the spine to show the name and author. The cover is an off white as opposed to black like the others and the image of the goldfinch shows through a tear. The font has a handwritten feel and on the inside of the cover there is a small print of the Goldfinch painting – the book revolves around this painting.



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