Foyles visit

To gain inspiration for potential book cover designs I visited Foyles Books shop. I spent ages walking up and down the aisles and selecting books that caught my eye: I was essentially judging books by their covers.

I selected some of my favourites to try and evaluate what it is I like about them and what I can take for my own work.

I specifically like the use of shiny gold print in the last image on the cove of The Picture of Dorian Grey, I noticed this technique on the front of a few covers and each time it drew me to the rest of the design.

  1. I love the use of block pink backdrop with the contrast of block shades of turquoise and grey. Although it is a busy cover there is an element of simplicity in the illustrations which I love.
  2. I don’t usually like grid covers for books but since this one is not restricted by lines and overpowering colour I think it works well. The use of negative space and a fairly narrow colour scheme of browns, greys and reds gives it a simplistic, tidy feel
  3. Again, I love the block muted colour, but this time the artwork is a lot more simple.  I really like the white line drawing with the section of block white in the centre. I’m never a fan of photography on book covers but here I like the sense of collage with the black and white head, it almost looks like a pencil drawing.

all of the examples I chose have more image than text and I think this is what my cover will be like as well, since I am more interested in image making than the graphic side of things.

I especially liked this design and think it was the simple, limited block colours that caught my eye yet again. The images work in harmony with the text and I like how some of the front patterns are repeated on the back. I wasn’t planning on doing this to start with but I might try and make it work since I like how it looks.

  1. Unlike the others I have selected this one is all text and no actual image. The hand written, smudgy typography against the pastel pink background gives it a very rough/traditional look that I love. Sketchbooks and artist notes always make me happy and this has the same effect I feel – it seems very personal.
  2. I tried to stay clear of the graphic novel section as I don’t want to work in a comic way, however this book caught my eye as the colour (i could only see the spine) is my favourite (teal). I like how the artist has used a comic strip layout to begin to tell the story.

Some books I selected because I liked the look of the spine ended up disappointing me when I emerged it from where it hid – this proves how important the design of the spine is!!!


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