The Design Museum

The Design Museum has only been open for 4 days which is very clear from the shiny windows and immaculate stair cushions. The building was gorgeously designed, I loved how the ceiling almost jammed its self into the building at an angle leaving gaps revealing the real ceiling above. The immaculate stair cushions encouraged you to seat yourself which is usually hard to do in galleries, especially on stairs.

It was magnificently designed, but I did not love the exhibition within. The walls and desks were lined with endless creations mostly of the 21st century. Along side each creation was each of its upgrades, the iPod lead into the iPhone 7 and the small box telly grew into a massive, slim screen. I can imagine to designers or to the generations to come this would be extremely exciting but for me it was just looking at the things I’ve watched develop, and not really cared about as I am not one to follow technology.

In saying all this, I did like how the exhibition was laid out. I liked how the collections of kids toys were all pined to the wall, hung like pieces of art.


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