I was starting to regret my book choices.

I chose the Donna Tartt books since she is one of my favourite authors but didn’t consider how hard it would be to create images from her work. After going through a patch of artists-block I decided the best way to go about it was to make abstract pieces.

Some covers have no relevance to the novel on the inside, and although sometimes I like this, I want my abstract pieces to have some sort of understandable imagery.

The Secrey History: scene prologue/Bunny’s death (cliff, forest, snow)

The Little Friend: the mysterious hanging

The Goldfinch: art gallery explosion, the goldfinch remains

For each book I selected a scene that I thought was significant to the novel and tried to highlight one aspect. For The Secret History I wanted to show a mass of trees with a snowy clearing where a body lies. This is the view from the first page and although everyone may interpret it differently I feel like a highlighted figure amongst chaos suggests some sort of drama. For The Little Friend I again put the emphasis on the small figure (ink blob), but for The Goldfinch I repeated a small triangle symbolic of the painting. I want to keep the highlighted element the same for each cover and so I want to find a way I can feature a small figure without it looking out of place. The ink blob that represents the figures in the images  above works but not well enough if there is a lot of black in surrounding it.

My tutor suggested making the figure less abstract that it’s surroundings, either drawing a tint human into the scene of drawing a big human and digitally manipulating it to make it smaller. I think that this will either work well or the figure will look odd, but I won’t know for sure until I try!



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