Inspired by obsessively observing the tube map for a few mornings in a row and my startling encounter with a sewing machine I have come up with a new idea for my Goldfinch book cover.

I had been thinking about maps for a while but in the context of a separate project, but today I was inducted into using the sewing machine in the fashion department and suddenly my idea transitioned to my book covers. I am not very strong and as I sat down to attempt to draw my design using the sewing machine – considering the fact that I have never used one before my ambitions were high – I was defeated. I tried to control the thread as it punched its way into the fabric but rather than delicate shapes I created overlapping masses of uneven lines.


I was instantly thinking of maps and suddenly realised this is a glaringly obvious link to The Goldfinch. Through the entire story the main character travels from place to place, some unwillingly and some by choice, some bring him great joy and others ruin him. I started making – still abstract – maps of chaos and darkness, aiming to capture the young boys journey through the novel.





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