I visited Machester the other week for the university open day and to stay with a friend. Since the open day was on a Saturday my friend thought it would be useful to take me into the art building on a week day where the studio space would be thriving, and not cleared out and tidied up for guests. On this tour around the studio I was entirely mesmerised by the textiles department specifically.

There was a couple of girls grouped together on a table who had produced the most beautiful embroidery, I’ve been thinking about textiles for a while now but seeing their work made me want to do it instantly. They’d used a sewing machine and image transfer and a variety of felts, this is just from my small knowledge of textiles as they were not there for me to question them intensively about their every technique. We left the studios and went straight to an art supply store where I bought everything I felt necessary to pursue my idea.

My vision of a textile approach to my book covers was not as beautiful as the work that inspired me, but it’s the way of working that I’m trying out now, beauty will come in a later project.

I wanted to use a mix of threads and wools to recreate my abstract ink drawings for each of the covers. When I started I realised I wasn’t as good with a needle as I had imagine and so my first out comes look very much like first outcomes… I used ink and pen as well as I found I couldn’t achieve certain marks with fabrics, probably due to my lack of textile skill but practise makes perfect! I don’t want the image to be too chaotic and so I am partially happy with these, but I want them to be a lot more textile and less ink/pen.



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