House of Illustration

I’ve been to the House of Illustration once before and can honestly say it’s one of my favourite galleries. It’s the only gallery I’ve been to that has displayed illustrations in the same way that ‘fine art’ is displayed.

The exhibitions on at the moment are Quentin Blake, Edward Ardizzone and Laura Carlin. I loved all three of them¬†and noticed that the work of Ardizzone has slight similarities to Tove Janssons’ work in their use of black line.


I had never heard of Laura Carlin before and am now a massive fan. Her delicately simple little illustrations make me so happy and the tiny scenes she creates makes me stare for hours on end. The first image below is her piece on London, commissioned by the House of Illustration. The chaotic scene is built up of intricately decorated tiles, each capturing a moment of London history. It is a massive piece that had me overwhelmed and yet I managed to pick out my favourites: the fireworks for Guy Fawkes night and the masses of little terracotta houses.



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