Welcome Collection

I’d never been to the welcome collection before and so and no idea what to expect. There is an exhibition called Bedlam on, which is about asylums and mental health. Each room was so different and so interesting but what caught my eye the most was the black and white collages. I loved how simple they were and yet how they could convey the idea of being trapped with just a few white lines. The exhibition also feature type made out of neon lights, people shaped cushions hanging from the ceiling and a wall of postcard sized images illustrating people with mental illnesses.

The next room I went in was more like a museum than an art gallery,  this is where I stopped to draw. There were cabinets and glass boxes filled with the oddest ancient artefacts. I particularly liked the slightly sinister looking sculptures of children and pregnant mothers, assumably used to indicate body parts, organs and surgeries.


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