• They all look dramatic. The first one looks spooky because it looks like a person but they’re alone and surrounded by something bad and the second one looks like either fighting or  a map and the third one looks like a constellation but I don’t know what that means
  • They all look like star constellations and maps
  • Unlike any book other book cover I’ve eve seen
  • I’ve never seen covers with fabric like that. I haven’t read the stories so don’t know if your imagery relates but if it does that’s cool because then you’ll only understand the cover once you’ve read the book, but at first it looks very abstract.
  • I’m guessing the monochrome colour scheme reflects the bleakness of the books
  • Maybe a splash of added colour? Even adding red maybe resembling blood would keep with the theme of bleakness
  • Not having the title on the front makes me want to read the blurb
  • A more monochrome effect would work well with black fabric and white thread, or even grey fabric. You could have stained some more recognisable shapes in there but not too many because I like the simplicity. You could use watercolours to add grey stain/a shadow effect to give it an extra layer.

I am really happy with the feedback I got as the majority of people said that 1. the covers made them want to know more and 2. that they stand out/are unique. My favourite suggestion was the idea of working with white onto black rather than with black onto white… I hadn’t even thought of this but I think it would look really interesting.


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