Made in Location – Typography

In reading the Made in Location brief the first thing that stood out to me was the suggestion of making text/typography out of our surroundings, but when I thought about I realised it was more just the idea of making typography that interested me…

Since the Christmas holidays had just begun when I started this project I thought it would be nice to treat myself to something I knew I’d enjoy, and then go back to the other stuff after, and so I started creating fonts.

I started generating design ideas with the hopes of making a small book of the alphabet, for children to use as guidance when learning. With this goal, I was producing fun, illustrative, colourful letters that would potentially interest a child, as opposed to calligraphy or fonts you find in novels.

My favourites from this spread is the leaves and twigs for A and S, the people from M, V and Y and the skulls for D. The leaves and twigs could work for the entire alphabet and so could the people, where as the skulls were more specific to the letter: D for Death. I also really like the crescent moon C and the face O but again, both of these work specifically with the letters. I’m not sure whether to go more with fonts that connect the whole way through the alphabet of have a mix-matched alphabet where each letter is designed differently.


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