Online Portfolio

In preparation for having to send off online portfolios, I decided to gather a selection of images of my work and arrange them in a presentable way. Since all my foundation projects have been kept at school over the christmas break I arranged my personal work with a bit of fountain work that I had scanned, as well as some old life drawings that I will replace with new ones soon.

Although I’m aware this is mostly my personal work and I have more work to put in, I’m still worried that it looks too similar and stylised… I want the universities I’ve applied for to see that I draw a lot in my spare time (sketchbooks) but don’t want them to think I’m settled on an illustrative style. When I get back to school I’ll gather all my recent projects as they are more experimental.

For six-form I made two ceramic vases’ and a 7ft oil painting which I want to include as I really enjoyed doing them and feel they show a big stage of experimentation with me. As well as this, ceramics and oil paintings are two things I’d like to pursue into my degree. I guess my worry is, do they care to see A Level work or can I not mention that I did it at A Level stage??

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 22.39.25.png



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