Just my type

For this 3D typography project I have chosen the phrase ‘Eye Candy’ to expand on and eventually create a type that should reflect it.

I’m glad that this is only a 2 week project as opposed to a 4 weeks one like the others. I feel like in 2 weeks I will work more affectively and won’t have a chance to get fed up of the work I am producing, as I tend to do this quite quickly.

I chose Eye Candy as the first think I think of is beauty, shades of pink and pretty imagery, all of which I enjoy conveying in my work. My initial thoughts were to collect fiddly pretty bits such as beads, pompoms, stickers and ribbons to create a sort of cliche pretty mass. I also like the idea of looking at sexualised imagery, creating a sort of collage potentially. Felting is also something that comes to mind as I have wanted to try it for ages.

I am excited to make something incredibly over decorated and pink.


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