Current world events are sparking so much emotion and all though what’s happening shouldn’t be happening at all (I mean its 2017 what’s going on) the amount of power and love being generated breathtaking. 

I didn’t get to go to the London women’s March as I had to go to work but on my walk through Liverpool Street I saw so many amazing people. The sheer volume of people that attended (from what I saw on social media) was incredible and then there was the banners!!  There was so many that were so creatively inspiring as well as empowering, my favourite that I saw was a large pink mesh with overies embroided onto it.

My work is usually touches of softer topics like dancing in your underwear or having greasy hair,,, all of this has made me want to go bigger and go more powerful and my first wat of addressing this was with a meshy pink vagina textile.


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