my place as an artist


The Macbeth brief was definitely more graphic design than it was Illustration, and since I am much more of an illustrator, my outcome was much more illustrative. This meant that there was faults in my design as it was more of a piece of art as opposed to an advertisement. The main issue was that the font was not clear enough to read from a distance, meaning that it attracts only the interest of those who have time to stop and read it up close. If I made the font clearer, it is still not the sort of design a high end theatre would use to promote an event. Smaller theatres and independant companies would be more likely to commission more of an art piece rather than a graphic design.

In understanding that I maybe didn’t meet all the criteria of the brief I only realise more that illustration is the definite pathway for me. I enjoyed illustrating the story of Macbeth but had no desire to advertise the play in a way that would fit with the high end theatre posters I see on the underground on my way to college.


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