After discussing this brief, I quickly became excited by the possibilities of what I could do and the ideas that were coming to my head.


The first idea that I went forward with this evening was the idea of making small paper dolls, partially inspired by online dress up game and preteen magazines from the mid 2000’s. I played with the idea of a child -like dress up game but also with the idea of a doll being a business card. I used both paper and fabric, exploring what I preferred and then moved towards making accessories for my figure.


I wanted to explore a more 3D approach as that is a part of the brief. I began by using wire and hot glue and then began giving the little self portraits more body by using Fymo left over from the alphabet project.

My favourites are the first (big and colourful) and the third one (that looks like big hero six)  I think I like these ones most as they are the cutest and the most illustrative, although it was fun to make the more abstract one and the ones with wire.

I like the idea of potentially furthering one of these designs and making accessories to go along side it in its envelope/box.



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