I came to class today motivated and excited for the project and for the work I’d done when I got home yesterday, but that was quickly demolished.

I was told by my tutor that my ideas didn’t represent all the work that I’d ever produced, I was then asked if I wanted to make dolls for a living;my answer was no. I was discouraged from my designs and told I’d made too many models without the consideration that I’d gone home excited and eager to create. I felt as though I was being conditioned to compress my individuality, would she be happier if I put one of my drawings on a box bought in a super market??

I’d thought through the brief before I started producing design ideas and had decided that it would be far more interesting to receive a pack of illustrations and illustrative figures, promoting someones style, than a generic promotion gift with an illustration photoshopped on the front. I am always eager for constructive criticism, opinions and feedback but do not feel that what was said to me today was useful nor necessary.

This is my reflection on my feedback, I do not intent to reflect this in my work and will carry on when my excitement returns.


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