In thinking about making a self-portrait doll these are a selection of works that are inspiring me!

  • Phoebe Wahl is an artist I’ve followed on instagram for absolutely ages. She came to mind when I started this project as she makes the cutest little dolls. Each doll is hand made out of various textiles and for various purposes such as hanging from christmas trees and sitting as a decoration!
  • Mai showed me Liv and Dom when I showed her my initial designs and were discussing whether drawing nude self portraits was inappropriate. Their small naked pink figures hold joss sticks, decorate desks and have no sexual connotations.
  • Snugglepot and Cuddlepie are books that I grew up with, as they were sent over from a Grandad in Australia. They came to mind when looking for inspiration as the characters are often repeated in each story/image. I like the idea of drawing many self portraits as this will advertise my style in a way that’s relevant to sending out a CV.

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