Drawing to a close with the About Me brief I went round in a bit of a circle. I started out fairly ambitious in wanting to make a small doll set but as the project went along I slowly returned to simpler early ideas. I was thinking a lot about what I’d be excited to receive in the post as someone looking to hire, I was avoiding putting my work onto something generic and so ended up thinking of a bunch of weird and wonderful ideas, but at the end of the day I ended up back to the basics: business cards.

Making the dolls was fun, and is definitely something I’d like to explore again, but it didn’t feel like the appropriate thing to send to employers. I experimented with different shaped business cards, making some circular and some little full body self portraits, each with my details written on the back.

I decided that I liked the idea of sending an envelope with a selection of business cards, and potentially a sticker sheet and postcard. This little envelope would advertise my style and give the company a chance to share my work by sharing the content,  and to then potentially contact me.



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