• In the crit, I presented my final idea as being a variety of business cards and stickers, mostly being self portraits.
  • In presenting the rest of my work we discussed as a group whether nudity was appropriate in this situation.
  • Most people agreed, that usually, it wouldn’t be, but how I’d drawn the naked figures had eliminated any sexual connotations the body may hold.
  • We spoke about how it was an innocent sort of naked that I’d captured, similarly to that of an informative book you’d show to children. It’s not the kind of nudity you wouldn’t allow your child to look at and so the cards/stickers are appropriate.
  • I spoke about how I’d turned to the simplest idea and was reassured that this is fine, as sometimes the simpler things are better.
  • We agreed that the drawings capture my style and promote me as an artist/illustrator.

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