Over the last six months I have been nourishing myself with everything that makes me capable to dealing with this phase in my life and a portion of what is to come. Over my foundation course I have developed physical skills that I arrived with, as well as gaining organisation skills that have allowed me to approach briefs in a more sophisticated and personal way. Amongst this I have taught myself – with the help of others – to hand bind sketchbooks, use a sewing machine and work a loom, all of these skills I plan on using throughout this final project. Much to my delight I have also fed my love for unstructured sketchbooks and my desire to work in my own style through every brief provided; I want this project to take all these positives and enhance them.


I plan to produce a large body of work based around the loose concept of comfort. Doing this will allow me to produce illustrations in any form, I will be able to practice whatever it is that I fancy whether it’s story telling, advertising, informing or just making someone smile. It will allow me to explore the bigger world of illustration too as nothing is stopping me from making a video or an installation or a series of photographs, so long as they illustrate comfort. I want to look at self-care routines, consider the need for selfish acts and question how we seek comfort from society and social media, as well as looking at lighter topics such as how I bake in times of stress and as well as in times of happiness. I have always loved to draw to make myself and those around me smile, so I hope this project does exactly that. Comfort is something everyone experiences or craves to different extents, questioning people about comfort in the early stages of this brief will definitely be useful. As well as questionnaires, I plan on looking at diary entries and storybooks that feature regular people rather than princesses and super natural humans. David Roberts has illustrated a series of books by Andrea Beaty about young children with big aspirations such as Iggy Peck, Architect and Rosie Revere, Engineer. These books are a designed to encourage children’s passions with the potential of them becoming a career, but on top of this I find it comforting to know that there’s people out their representing regular people in such a positive light regardless of the fact they are aimed at young children. It’s not necessarily just books with morals that I’m looking at too, Philippa Rice created a book formed from a series of comic strips telling the story of her relationship with her boyfriend, from beginning to present day. Where romance novels feature a jarring plot twist or a difficult scenario, ‘Soppy’ is just a book illustrating their love.



Although each of my outcomes may be small and may jump between topics within my theme, I’m excited to keep a sketchbook full of my every thought process and vision to keep every outcome connected. I like the idea of making an outcome a week whether it be a drawing, a zine or a poster, followed by a short evaluation addressing the links to my theme. I realise that making a body of work could appear careless, but I will organise it in a way that will mean this is not the case. Yoshitomo Nara’s exhibition at Pace Gallery in New York reassured me that I could organise a selection of work to appear as a series, each of the pieces in the exhibition were different but connected by his recurring character. Some pieces were clearly a set but along side them were sketches, ceramics and paintings all created over a period of time and exhibited together. This, as well as other galleries is what I will get my inspiration from when exhibiting my work at the end of the year. Even with my organisation, this gives me a lot of room for movement and potentially less direction for a ‘final piece’, so with this in mind I will schedule myself a wider, more formal evaluation and self critique around half way through the given time frame. This will then allow me to decide if I want to carry on my short snappy ways or refine one and move with it to the end. I’ve always preferred shorter briefs but in the way I am organising this project for myself, I am creating space for constant movement and production. I have created a brief which enables me to produce the light-hearted, happy work that I love so much and in that sense, this project enables me to comfort myself in the run up to university and the stresses of adult life.








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