my sketchbook explained 

Sketchbooks are a massive part of my work as an Illustrator. They’re not just for scraps and planning, they become a part of whatever project I may be doing. They have no real structure and will fluctuate between being messy and neat, colourful and dull and annotated or not annotated. 

During A Level and possibly even for the beginning of foundation I have felt conditioned to keep my sketchbooks fairly neat and very annotated/structured. Because of this, I usually have a ‘school sketchbook’ and a ‘home sketchbook’, keeping everything work related in one and everything else in another, the later being a lot more free and personal. 

For this project, I am doing what I love without any regular guidance. As a result of this my school sketchbook has become more like my home sketchbook. It is messy yet organised and has a flow in the sense that it all relates to my title of comfort, but no flow in the sense that I will put whatever I’m thinking in it as soon as I’m thinking it without stressing about structure. This is how I love to work and since starting this project I’ve found that I’m using my home sketchbook less, as all my love is going into this project. 

Although I do love this way of working I will agree that is can be a bit chaotic. For example this morning following a burst of inspiration, I was doing four things at once with no intention of slowing down. I understand my sketchbook as it is simply a reflection of my thought process but as I am not the one marking my work, I am using this blog as a parallel  platform where I can organise everything a bit better.  Having this blog also allows me to show the outcomes I make along side the thought process and planning, as most of the outcomes cannot be stuck in my sketchbook (thought I’m trying to scan stuff in and print photos for my own piece of mind) 

At the end of this project when it comes to presenting my work, my sketchbook will be the central piece, surrounded by the outcomes I’vutte made throughout.  


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