zine planning and small evaluation

  • off-day
    On my off day I started planning and making a zine about how my day. Rather than illustrating how I was having a shit day, I was trying to focus it on how I was trying to rise above it. I want each drawing to show how I just wanted my bed and not to be wherever it is I was; except bed.IMG_20170428_0002.jpg
  • All I want is you
    Juno is one of my favourite films, and definitely has one of my favourite soundtracks, so of course I have it on my iPod for regular listening. The opening song, All I want is you by Barry Louis Polisar gets stuck in my head a lot. It’s a song that pairs things together, using each pair as a metaphor for two lovers. This – along with the repetition of couples and love in my work so far –  got me thinking about relationships and how they are comforting, not just the hugs they give but the actual relationship itself. I tried illustrating each line of the song focusing on the pairings, these are really rough drawings and I’ve only selected some of the lyrics, but it’s an idea I might pursue. IMG_20170428_0004


Above are just the zines I actually started drawings for. Below is the list I made of ideas that came to my head all of a sudden. As well as what I’ve listed I’ve started zines on PMS and comfort food, as these are this I’ve been excited to create about. Next to the blue list is a list of my outcomes so far, although I’ve only made 4 outcomes, a lot is in the making.

I feel like making a statement at the beginning of the project saying I’d either do one a day or one a week was wrong, as this is not how I work. I go through fluctuations of producing 100 things at once and loving every single one of them, to focusing on one thing for a whole week, so wanting to stop making all together. My target is still to create as much as possible, but in my own time. I have just over 3 weeks until my formal evaluation and I’m feeling positive about being able to determine how I want to carry it on, but for now I’m happy doing what I’m doing. IMG_20170428_0003


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