Once I’ve finished the zines that Im working on, I want to get my PMS survival pack up and running. The packs purpose will be to try and fight off pre menstrual anger and annoyance by nourishing the user with the love and comfort they need. However, being a girl I know that in this time frame it’s sometimes better to just let out the anger, and so along side my survival pack I will make a small anger nourishment set called the #mood pack. This will maybe just consist of a playlist and a zine, but it will be enough to counteract the joy in times of real struggle. I’ve been focusing so much on positive comfort and haven’t explored yet the fact that sometimes instead of putting on a happy film and eating loads of chocolate, I listen to sad songs and cry. I don’t think this is just me either. Sometimes comfort is allowing yourself to feel whatever it is you may be feeling even if it means listening to Blur – No Distance Left To Run on repeat while sobbing into your t shirt. This is a cruel kind of self comfort but it can’t be avoided in my opinion, of course I’d much rather be hugged by someone I love but that is not always an available option.

Below is a mock up of the PMS #MOOD playlist. It’s only a mock up because I want to do a real anger scribble for the cover (I am not angry right now so this one is a fake) and also because I forgot to put No Distance Left To Run on the track list.

PMS album artPMS playlist


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