menu beds – work tires u out


I’ve been at my job for one year now. I worked through my A Levels, through summer and through my foundation course. Working has never effected my capability of doing well in school as I use it to give my life more structure. If I know I have work on saturday and sunday, I’ll make sure I’ll get my work done before then, and will organise my social life around that.

Recently I’ve gone from doing 2 shifts and week to 4 shifts a week. Of course I’m still managing my workload and getting everything done around my shifts, because it’s something that HAS to be done, but it is very tiring. I’ve been doing lots of night shifts which means I can work all day, earn money, come home, sleep, wake up late and then do the same again.

Here I illustrated the comfort in coming home from a long shifts and being able to sleep well knowing I’ve had a productive day. This is just the sleeping part clearly, but I want to do a series of drawings about my timetable too.


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