direction – venting my thoughts to help me understand better

After chatting with Anna I’ve become a bit confused. From what I understand, my work doesn’t have enough body, and for a ‘body of work’ this is an issue. I’m producing work at my own pace, but maybe need to work faster/do more. The reason I haven’t been doing more is because I don’t want to be repetitive. I have a style to my work, and drawing 40 things a day would obviously be productive, but each drawing would look very similar. I thought this was a bad thing, and Anna agreed. However now that I’m home and have had time to think, this would maybe not be so bad. Drawing loads would mean I have more outcomes, meaning I have more of a selection to go through at the end. Also making more would allow me to make categories.

  • sleeping
  • eating
  • friends
  • family
  • safety
  • warmth
  • tea
  • money

I won’t address all of these categories fully, but could play with the idea of making a series of work for each of maybe three categories, or one final piece for each one. I don’t think there’s any way I will make just one final outcome to be exhibited, as there are just too many things I see as important when it comes to comfort.



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