Mega (first) Critique


Ideas developed:

  • Talk to children about what being comfortable and happy is to them, document responses. We discussed the idea of getting them to draw what makes them happy, or a happy memory and storing them in a box to be presented.
  • Weight blanket idea was resurrected. I still like the idea of creating a weight blanket, for times of desperate comfort, but while talking about it other good ideas came up too.
  • Old-wives tales of how to get to sleep: counting sheep, imagining hundreds blankets being placed over you one by one. Another way of relaxation that was mentioned was placing a heavy strip on your forehead, I want to read more into this.
  • Continue on with routine videos (tea vid) – I like the idea of baking a cake and filming it being devoured.
  • Look into the  concept of hoarding. It’s done for comfort but becomes visually and probably physically uncomfortable. My body of work is kind of like a small hoarding.

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