To contrast the previous playlist I made about anger, I’ve made one on being cheerful, a sort of medicine for pms. The songs are happier, the colours I’ve used are lighter and the drawing on the front is calmer.


The album was made to go into my PMS survival pack, which I finally constructed! The sandwich tin was my decided container, as it has a sentimental value to me that brings me great joy, and so is appropriate in times of stress.


Here are some photos of it’s various stages and organisations. Each time I did a shoot the content was organised different but with a similar structure, for example the cd’s and pads go in first, and the chocolates are placed one on top of the other along one of the sides of the tin.


Stop motion gifs might be my new favourite thing,,, it only felt appropriate to make one of my kit.


PMS survival pack: analysed

  • camomile tea – an effective, natural way of putting me to sleep, for when I’d rather be asleep than deal with life
  • yorkshire tea – a temporary content calm
  • sentimental oversized t shirt – for wearing, super comfy and doesn’t require any other restricting layers- optional extras may be mens boxers and an oversized sweatshirt. this is a simpsons top my boyfriend gave to me to wear to my first festival, he’d grown out of it from childhood.
  • people who love you – you need to be reminded that you’re loved, but asking for it is annoying so have a reminded, family photos, photos of your friends
  • happy photos – to remind you of happier times
  • familiar films – there’s no point watching something new or complicated, there’s always the risk that it will trigger a mood swing or bore you to tears, so old, familiar films that you’ve seen a thousand times help. for me, howls moving castle and harry potter.
  • diary – to write down every mood swing and every emption you feel, rather than telling the whole world.
  • pens – to write down these feelings
  • happy playlist – to cheer yourself up/keep angry mood swings at bay
  • angry playlist – to fuel anger if that’s what you feel appropriate
  • alcohol – to drink with a friend who you’ve synced with, or a friend who’s willing
  • music – joy
  • black pants – incase it comes
  • pads – incase it comes
  • tampons – incase it comes

annotated pms box content 1



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