what I do when I’m not working

When I’m not at work, at college or working at home I cherish what I’ve been blessed with, with rest. If I worked 24/7 I’d be so stressed and so wired I’d probably combust. Laying in bed wrapped in a duvet, watching a show I’ve already seen a few times, or one that’s just come out is one of my ways of rewarding myself for my hard work. This is the epitome of comfort.

Rather than just giving in for the day at 8pm I thought I’d make use of my relaxation and record myself at rest. The show of choice today was Greys Anatomy, season 8 episode 16.

I like how the only light source is my laptop, and the amount of lighting fluctuates depending on the brightness of each clip. Despite the fluid change in light, the apple symbol on the back of my laptop remains constant. It’s also relevant that the only section that is lit up is that which frames my face, pillows and duvet pulled tightly up to my chin – this is a snippet of comfort.

I cropped the video down so you can’t see the small corner of reflection in my mirror, and edited it shorter to it’s not half an episode of greys anatomy. I also sped it up, so you can see the change in light more dramatically, while it also suggests huge chunks of time going by fast. Time flies when you’re having fun!!

It might be interesting to film myself watching something quite emotive, like an episode of the simpsons where I’d smile and laugh or a traumatic season finale of greys where I’d almost definitely cry. I could do this any day or I could do it while PMSing and so explore mood swings further,,,


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