collecting / bodies of work

I’ve been focusing too much on the aesthetic of my work, neglecting my creative decision of producing a large body of work. I am producing a large body of work, but am not explaining it anywhere near as much as I am the content and aesthetic.

I didn’t write my statement of intent as a cop out, I’m not avoiding decision making and formal creativity, It  was simply a choice I was excited about making. Yayoi Kusama is a perfect example of an inspiration when it comes to the way I am producing. Over her life time, she has made THOUSANDS maybe millions of paintings, drawings, sculptures and videos surrounding the theme of polka dots. Her explanation for this is visions of polka dots she had as a child, and continued to have  as an adult. She creates constantly, fluidly and appropriately to how she feels, and this is what I love. Although I am using a more verbal theme, my intentions are to create frequently and depending on mood.

Tracey Emin’s Retrospective is another example. The show documented a portion of her works so far, selecting pieces that fitted within a group of repeated themes i.e. anger and sex. I am not hosting an entire exhibition but am a part of one, the way I want to display my work isn’t by having one piece that represents my 8 weeks of world, I want to show a collection.


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