letters/zines for friends

While I’ve been looking a lot at comforting myself, comforting those around you and those that you love is equally as important. I have friends who live all over the UK, some I see frequently and some I don’t, some I text, some I FaceTime and some I only call occasionally for massive catch ups. I wanted to make small packages to send off to them wherever they are and however often I see them, as how often do we really just confess our love for the people we care about?

I made a small zine of their comforts, wrote a small letter of appreciation and and envelope decorated with fun tape and pink pen. I had plans to make them for about 10 people, but these are the ones I managed to finish before I panicked about moving on.

In each envelope i added a small note asking for a thank you note not to be texted but to be hand written, as I can then scan them and do something with them.









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