the exhibition: presentation

My initial idea when setting up this project was to present a large amount of work in the form of drawings, photos and books, all spread across a wall (below). This was the idea I had in mine so I didn’t think about presentation for a long time, until I went to the Camberwell foundation exhibition. Here, there was a lot of very well made and well printed work as they clearly have the money and recourses. However, the work that was displayed simply stuck on the wall, did not look very impressive. It looked almost careless, and didn’t represent the hard work I”m assuming they put in throughout the course.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 01.06.40.png

When I spoke to Anna about it she agreed, there are much more interesting and relevant ways I could present my work. She mentioned Duchamps suitcase. I am not a fan of his work, but this suitcase is a really cool idea. The idea of printing or making smaller versions of my work, to pack into a small portable place is very interesting.

We also discussed the idea of making a book. I’ve been making books by hand this whole project, but had never thought about making and ordering one online. For the exhibition I could present a hand made book that I could fill with drawings, prints and photographs of my work, or I could design a book online and have it professionally printed and duplicated..

I started looking into various sites that do this, focusing on how flexible and creative i could be with the layout, as well as the price of printing. Blurb ended up being my favourite. It has multiple options for the type of book you want to create, and there’s an option for trade books which are described as being great for making books to share out as they’re small and cheap! which would be great If i wanted to print loads of copies to sell. You get the choice of four sizes and soft back and hard back with or without sleeve. Even the biggest most professional book wouldn’t amount to more that £30 which is great!

I started planning a potential layout on powerpoint. I could print this with my own printer or the schools, but the quality of paper and printing would be awful and probably more expensive overall.


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