Evaluation/Advice/Exhibition Proposal

I’m really pleased with how this project has worked out. I don’t think I would have created nearly as much passionate work if I had put all my attention on a smaller aspect of comfort, or if I had strived to make a final piece based on A Level-like research.

I think an issue I’ve had from start til now is that I’ve been very precious with what I make. Since I am addressing comfort everything so far has been happy and almost delicately made. Looking at anger more might have brought out a wilder side of creativity, but anything other than my happy cute little drawings ever really felt appropriate. In saying this though, I have experimented with video, photography and interactive art, all of which are not in my comfort zone, but have been so exciting to work with. Despite the fact that I am drawing this project to a close, i do still have two week to continue creating, and in that time I want to create less preciously, even if it means it won’t make it into my final piece.

I’m enthusiastic about carrying on with how I intended to, and just produce more and more work based on comfort, rather than cut down on what I focus on. What has changed though is how I want to display it. I went off the idea of just having a corner with loads of my work in after visiting the camberwell foundation show and talking to Anna. We discussed the idea of making a book, similar to an exhibition catalouge that you find in the gallery gift shop. The book would feature all of my favourite works from the eight weeks of FMP and would be a very tidy way of exhibiting my creations.

Before planning this book, I made James scroll through my blog and flick through my sketchbook and give me his opinion on the variety I have. I also asked him whether he thought I was making it too personal,, usually this wouldn’t be a bad thing, but this time round  I want to make my final outcome relatable. We discussed whether it would be potentially sellable if it had photos and drawings of my loved ones, as this was a worry for me. James  pointed out that this isn’t an issue, as we read magazines all the time with perfect strangers in them, and still we buy and read them. As for content, he suggested that I cut out some of the art i’ve made about relationships, so as it is not overpowering. If my book were to be 60+ pages, I think my only worry would be spreading it out, rather than removing it completely. I need to have a good balance of all the aspects of comfort I’ve been looking at.

This brings me to my Exhibition proposal.
For the end of year exhibition, I want to showcase a zine of either A5 or A4. Since this will be a catalogue of everything, this is all I will need to display. For this I am thinking maybe just a white table, preferably in big, well lit room like 602, as then It won’t be mistaken for a dis-guarded book, as it might do if it was displayed in the corridor. My priority is printing one, but depending on pricings, I would love to print more copies. If I do print multiples, I might play with the idea of presenting them on a sort of magazine rack, like you’d see in a shop or in a home. Either way, I would still only require a table.


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