I’d been wanting to do this for ages, but had planned on using a homemade cake. Due to the deadline creeping up on me and panicking about it all, I bought one from Sainsburies instead.


The idea was to capture the demolishment of a cake, as part of my comfort food series. It worked really well! I asked a group of friends to help me film, which was really just asking them to eat cake. I wanted to film the cake being pulled apart by eager hands, leaving just crums and happy faces.

I love the movement and the idea, but it definitely wasn’t filmed as well as it could have been. The lighting wasn’t great and the shadows of everyone crowded round, plus me standing on a chair didn’t help. I guess it seems quite amateur and almost childish, which  is a positive way of looking at it as the childish sugar tooth is something that relates well to my project, and the element of comfort eating.

It was really fun filming/taking pictures of people eating afterwards, although it was almost impossible to take a technically good photo, each one is happy and fun, with lots of colour and movement.



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