In deciding to make a book, I’ve opted to contrast the chaotic nature of this project by compressing and tidying it into a perfectly made object. To further go with this contrast, I  like the idea of presenting the book on a  white tablecloth covered table.. Equally, a pink or checked/striped table cloth would compliment the content, and be a bit more fun than a white cloth..

I’m not sure if I prefer the idea of a plinth or table,, I think I’ll try them both out when we get back from half term. I’m thinking a plinth might look too formal, however a table might be too causal, it might look abandoned..

I’ve only been considering displaying the one book over the last week, when I’ve made a hell of a lot more. If one book looks too lonely I will explore the idea of selecting some favourites from the 8 weeks and have them displayed together, on a table as it is a wider surface.


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