my final book

Here is the PDF of my final book



After eight weeks of being incredibly frantic, messy and productive, I’ve finally organised and concluded the body of work that I produced. The plan from the beginning was to create as much as I was capable of in the time given, and then organise it however felt appropriate as the project drew to an end.

As the project did draw to a close, I decided I wanted to present all of my creations in a book. It felt appropriate as I’d been making small, hand-made books for the whole eight weeks. It also seemed like the best way to neatly organise the range of work I’ve done, as I could use my photographs, the scans of my books and drawings and screenshots of my films. Rather than hand folding and binding another book, I decided to get one professionally printed online, to further neaten my collection. Blurb was a really good website to use as It allowed me to be creative with the placement of text and image, and with the overall aesthetic of the book. The final draft had 50 pages, was soft back, a bit smaller than A4 and was printed just in time to arrive before the hand in.

The printed copy is not what I expected, but is by no means a disappointment. I’m so happy with how I organised the content, and feel like it accurately represents the last eight weeks. However, I do feel as though I should have added more. I was being so cautious of not putting everything I did in, and carefully cutting it down, but now with the final print I also feel like I’m selling myself short… Because of this I am considering displaying this book, along side a few of my earlier books in the exhibition, rather than just this one on its own. I also think that the size isn’t right, it feels as though it should either be a lot bigger or a lot smaller. Maybe this is because all my books have been one of the two extremes up until this point.

Despite my critiques, I am very pleased with the outcome. I’m currently considering printing them again on lesser quality paper to pass around/sell as zines, or maybe to use all of my work to make a small series.



In deciding to make a book, I’ve opted to contrast the chaotic nature of this project by compressing and tidying it into a perfectly made object. To further go with this contrast, I  like the idea of presenting the book on a  white tablecloth covered table.. Equally, a pink or checked/striped table cloth would compliment the content, and be a bit more fun than a white cloth..

I’m not sure if I prefer the idea of a plinth or table,, I think I’ll try them both out when we get back from half term. I’m thinking a plinth might look too formal, however a table might be too causal, it might look abandoned..

I’ve only been considering displaying the one book over the last week, when I’ve made a hell of a lot more. If one book looks too lonely I will explore the idea of selecting some favourites from the 8 weeks and have them displayed together, on a table as it is a wider surface.